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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Culminating Activity

Culminating Activity:

For my EME 5405 Culminating Activity, I opt to write a book review on Thomas Friedman’s, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century.  I have selected this option for a number of reasons:
  • I am not currently in the classroom this semester and have already had the experience of creating Internet-based curriculum activities and developing a web page (options 1 & 2).

  • This book has a direct relationship to the foundation for my teaching EME 2040, Introduction to Educational Technology.  It is a recent bestseller and therefore appealing to a broad audience (I hope!).  I have always been interested in social forecasting and remember well when I first read John Naisbitt’s fascinating Megatrends in the mid-80s – also interesting to look back now at the new directions that did transform our lives!  I have some of the same expectations for Friedman’s book and hope the information gleaned and critiqued will offer new perspectives in my teaching/learning venues.

  • Perhaps with additional time and editing, I can prepare and submit my book review for publication to an online journal related to instructional technology. Okay, that may be ambitious, but I’m always thinking of bigger challenges!  

My plan for successfully completing this assignment includes reading the book with extensive use of note-taking regarding not only the content and application, but also for critique and evaluation; researching resources from the book; and writing a review with the rubric criteria in mind.  

For this post, I’m using Blogger for Word which I downloaded from the Blogger site.  


  • I find your reasoning very sound and I would encourage you to seek publication of your product. I, too, will review a book for my activity and I hope you keep us posted on your progress. When time permits, I would love to read your suggestion, Megatrends. Good luck! I know you will do well.

    By Blogger James Harris, at 1/25/2006 6:06 PM  

  • You should publish what you produce! Your experience as a teacher and learner of technology will give a great perspective to the subject.

    I chose the annotated bibliography because I too had completed options 1 & 2 previously. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as you read the book.

    Has Megatrends turned out to be correct? Did Naisbitt's social forecasting come to pass?

    Friedman's title is intriguing. With technology becoming obsolete and the volume of information increasing at such a rapid rate, "A Brief History" could turn out to encompass a whole lot! Best of luck!
    Shelly #:>)

    By Blogger Shelly D, at 1/25/2006 7:32 PM  

  • Marie - GREAT choice!! I encourage you to look for other reviews on this book and then decide how you can write your own review. I know there is an upcoming article in Learning and Leading with Technology entitled "The World is Flat but Education is Not". I believe the first author is Glen Bull.

    -KD :)

    By Blogger Kara Dawson, at 1/26/2006 10:00 AM  

  • I have just started reading, Thomas Friedman’s, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. It is an eyeopening read. I look forward to reading your book review. I think it is a great idea that you summit your review for publication. We as teachers do so much and do not take the time to share our knowledge with others.


    By Blogger Jen, at 1/27/2006 7:21 AM  

  • I too was considering reviewing this book, but I chose The Flickering Mind by Todd Oppenheimer. I am looking forward to hearing about and/or reading your review. Who knows, we may be evaluating each other. Good luck with everything.


    By Blogger jsell1, at 1/28/2006 6:21 PM  

  • Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your comments regarding my questions about technology use at school. I was reminded how overextended teachers are and how little support they have to bring about changes. With so many budget cuts it is doubtful that a technology support person will be hired at our school to implement any changes. This course has opened my eyes to all the possibilities as well as pitfalls of technology use. My children do go to the computer lab every week for "drill and skill" exercises, and hopefully sometime they will be able to experience a curriculum that is integrated with technology that calls on higher order thinking skills.
    I decided to review a book also, Failure to Connect: How Computers Affect Our Children's Minds for Better and Worse, because I am not in the classroom at this point. It is very interesting so far! I am looking forward to reading your review and am inspired by your decision to try and publish your review.
    Have a great day!
    Patricia Jacobs

    By Blogger Patricia Jacobs, at 2/04/2006 12:09 PM  

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