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Monday, April 10, 2006

Podcasts and Wikis and Blogs - Oh My!

The past couple of months have been a blinding compilation (at warp speed mind you!) of so many new technologies (podcasts, wikis, and blogs) and so much fresh and provocative information (from my RSS feeds of currently 121 blogs) that I wonder how I survived in 2005! And that doesn’t even include my experiences at FETC and our own class blogs! So much in so little time and yet it is surely a reflection of Moore’s law and of today’s flat world … furthermore, as an instructor of basic EME 2040, I am not content to teach yesterday’s content nor process (despite my ‘old’ age).

There are two items that seem quite noteworthy in my readings (and listenings!) today that I feel compelled to share, especially in light of
Linda’s post about blogging. One is David Warlick’s post on his presentation to the National School Board Association (thank goodness they are paying attention – or at least putting him on the agenda!). I strongly advocate listening to his interview (podcasted by Tim Wilson) as well as to investigate 21st Century Learning Skills (there’s a link to Ken Kay’s speech, as well) if you’re not already familiar. Much of what is said not only emphasizes the new technologies, but more importantly spells the new world – which none of us really know, but more importantly all of us must consider as we think about learning, teaching and education. Our students, our children will not function in the “conceptual” age if we continue to teach in the industrial age and more than likely continue to operate our school calendars in the agricultural age.

OK, before I get off my soapbox…there’s another article that gives some tips for addressing the right side of the brain skills that Web 2.0 and the conceptual age seem to be serving.
Doug Johnson’s article in Education World may also assist us as we find relevant learning plans for our curriculum units!


  • Marie - I am with you 100%. Keeping up is a struggle and I know I am always at least a couple steps behind but in our field we have no choice but to continue to move forward. Our students will move forward and we owe it to them to help rather than hinder their progress. _KD :)

    By Blogger Kara Dawson, at 4/10/2006 8:36 PM  

  • Marie - thanks for pointing out the Doug Johnson article. I found it particularly worthwhile. I think (and hope) we all find it a difficult to keep up with the pace - but I'd rather swim than sink so I'll keep going!.

    By Blogger Jessica, at 4/12/2006 9:56 AM  

  • I, too, enjoyed Doug Johnson's article. The thought that hit me squarely between the eyes is that as challenging as it is to develop lessons that are right brained, it is even more difficult to create valid assessments of those learning experiences.

    By Blogger J. Harmon, at 4/14/2006 11:55 AM  

  • Marie,

    Thank you so much for leading me to David Warlick and Ken Kay. I listened to both of the presentations and found them to be timely and relevant to each of us enrolled in the U of Florida program.

    Some of the messages I found most compelling in David Warlick's podcast...

    --That we need to stop focusing on "technology integration". My initial reaction was confusion and disbelief; but Warlick believes technology integration has become nothing more than a mantra and consequently, the goal becomes getting kids' hands on computers.

    --He would rather see us focus on what 21st century literacy means to our students because it takes a different set of skills to deal with information in today's world. For the first time, we are preparing our students for a future we cannot fully describe; for jobs that haven't even been articulated.

    --I like the way in which he has expanded how we should think about the 3 R's with the 4 E's:
    Reading-Exposing the truth
    Writing-Expressing ideas compellingly; using communication as a tool to accomplish goals
    Math-Employing information and
    Ethics or teaching students to love and protect the truth.

    If you haven't listened to the podcasts yet, don't miss them...they are enlightening!

    By Blogger Cary, at 4/16/2006 10:11 AM  

  • Marie,

    Thanks for sharing, I especially appreciated the Doug Johnson article. I might have to blog about it myself. He's really making an argument for integration. I love it!

    By Blogger Lynn, at 4/16/2006 6:09 PM  

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